Hyundai Santro Price in Pakistan 2024, Images, Colors & Specs

Hyundai Santro Price in Pakistan 2024, Images, Colors & Specs

Hyundai Santro Price in Pakistan 2024, Images, Colors & Specs. The Hyundai Santro 2024 in Pakistan has been the topic of much discussion recently. With its stylish design, convenient features, and powerful engine, the Hyundai Santro 2024 is a great option for those looking to purchase a reliable, affordable car. In this blog post, we’ll be taking a closer look at the Hyundai Santro 2024 Price in Pakistan, exploring all the features and specs the car has to offer, as well as what you can expect to pay for it. So, let’s dive right in!

Let’s talk about the new car model Hyundai Santro price in Pakistan 2024 with all specifications and features. Hyundai is a car manufacturer that is known all over the world. They are famous for their fantastic vehicles, such as the Santro. The Santro car is a fantastic vehicle that can turn many heads when driving. The Hyundai Santro in Pakistan 2024 is a fantastic vehicle to drive. It’s a great choice for drivers who want the latest in-vehicle technology. It has a powerful engine that is sure to make driving a joy. For those who live in the big city, the Santro is a very practical and safe choice for commuting to work. It comes with an easy-to-drive engine and manual transmission.

Hyundai Santro in Pakistan 2024 is an interesting car for everyone who wants to have a vehicle that provides a safe and secure ride while also being compact. Its interior is filled with ideas that make it easy to get comfortable during your commute.

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Hyundai Santro Price in Pakistan 2024

The new car model Hyundai Santro 2024 price in Pakistan ranges between PKR 6.9 lacs – 8.5 lacs.

Hyundai Santro Price in Pakistan 2024

Hyundai Santro Club
999 cc, Manual, Petrol
PKR 699,300
Hyundai Santro Club GV
1086 cc, Manual, Petrol
PKR 715,900
Hyundai Santro Exec
999 cc, Manual, Petrol
PKR 735,000
Hyundai Santro Exec GV
999 cc, Manual, Petrol
PKR 770,000
Hyundai Santro Prime
999 cc, Manual, Petrol
PKR 792,000
Hyundai Santro Prime GV
999 cc, Manual, Petrol
PKR 850,000

Hyundai Santro 2024 Overview

In the year 2000, the Dewan Farooq Group launched the second-generation Hyundai Santro in Pakistan. Front-wheel-drive hatchback with a Hyundai Santro engine. The Santro was the first vehicle of its kind in Pakistan to have an electronic fuel-injected engine and a distinctive hatchback design. There were six different Hyundai Santro models: Exec, Prime, Club, Club GV, Prime GV, and Exec GV.

Earlier models of the Hyundai Santro GV included Lovato CNG kits. Due to many problems with its Pakistani dealership, Hyundai stopped production in 2009; following a resolution, Hyundai released the final 300 cars in 2014. When compared to other models of the same class of vehicles, the pricing of the Hyundai Santro in Pakistan was fairly reasonable.

Hyundai Santro Price in Pakistan 2024: What to Expect?

As of 2024, the Hyundai Santro is expected to be priced between PKR 699,300 to PKR 850,000. The exact price of the car may vary based on various factors such as the model, location, and taxes. The company has not released any official statement regarding the price of the car in 2024, but based on the current market trends and inflation rates, it is safe to assume that the price of the car will increase slightly.

Interior Of Hyundai Santro

The interior is top-notch, and the car is comfortable to drive. Hyundai Santro in Pakistan 2024 is a great car to drive because it has several great features: it’s a comfortable, spacious interior; and it’s very economical. The Santro also has a variety of available exterior colors, which can be customized to match the driver’s personal style.


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Exterior Of Hyundai

It’s got a clean and sleek front end, featuring a large air intake in the center of the grille, aggressive headlights, and sleek tail lights. Its side profile is very straight. The rear end of the car looks nice, with a spacious trunk and a sleek design.

Safety Features

The middle class can afford it, and they generally use it for family-related activities. Therefore, a vehicle used as a family vehicle needs to have safety features, and the newest model of the Hyundai Santro will undoubtedly give you those qualities.

It has kid locks and crumple zones. Additionally, it has large torsion impact bars, which make it a very safe vehicle to operate and drive. Before its introduction in Pakistan, it underwent numerous crash tests. Therefore, it is a perfectly safe vehicle to ride in and appreciate a lengthy drive.

Hyundai Pros & Cons

Pros ×Cons
EFI engine Uncomfortable ride
Good Performance Insufficient legroom in the rear
Fuel Efficient Expensive spare parts

Hyundai Santro Features and Specifications

Hyundai Santro Specifications Pakistan

Body Type Hatchback
Dimensions (Length x Width x Height) 3495 x 1495 x 1580 mm
Horse Power 61 hp
Kerb Weight 845 KG
Seating Capacity 5 – Persons
Tyre Size 155/70/R13
Fuel Tank Capacity 35 L
Top Speed 180 KM/H
Ground Clearance 155 mm


  1. Central Locking
  2. Steering Adjustment
  3. Tachometer
  4. Steering Adjustment
  5. AM/FM Radio
  6. CD Player
  7. Central Locking
  8. Air-Bags (Driver | Passenger)
  9. -Dimensions and Weights
  10. Overall Length (mm) 3495
  11. Overall Width (mm) 1495
  12. Overall Height (mm) 1580
  13. Wheel Base (mm) 2380
  14. Ground Clearance (mm) 155 mm
  15. Boot Space (liter) N/A
  16. Seating Capacity (person) 5
  17. Fuel Tank Capacity (liter) 35 L

Mileage Of Hyundai Santro Car

Hyundai Santro mileage kmpl. Hyundai Santro gives good mileage for other Cars in Pakistan.


Hyundai Santro is available in the following colors:

  1. Black
  2. Grey
  3. Red
  4. Silver


Competitors/Similar cars of Hyundai Santro are as follows:

  1. Suzuki Alto
  2. Suzuki Cultus
  3. Daihatsu Mira
  4. Suzuki Mehran


Some people have the opinion that this car is not living up to their standards and that it is giving them problems from time to time. Even though this automobile offers the greatest quality currently available for such a low price, there are still some areas that can be improved, and HYUNDAI SANTRO Club is getting better every day.

So, if you’re searching to get a family vehicle of high quality, the HYUNDAI SANTRO 2024 is an affordable vehicle with a stunning design that is ready for you.

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  1. What is the mileage of the Hyundai Santro?

Hyundai Santro delivers 20.3 of mileage.

  1. What are the colors available in Hyundai Santro?

The 4 colors are available in Hyundai Santro.

  1. What is the fuel tank capacity of the Hyundai Santro?

The fuel tank capacity of the Hyundai Santro is 35.

  1. How much does a Hyundai Santro weigh?

The Hyundai Santro weighs 897 to 1,000 kg.

  1. What is the overall rating of Hyundai Santro?

The overall rating of the Hyundai Santro is 4/5.