Kia Carens 2024 Price in Pakistan, Exterior, Specs & Features

Kia Carens 2024 Price in Pakistan, Exterior, Specs & Features

Most people want to know about the new and latest Kia Carens 2024 Price in Pakistan with specifications, features, Interior, and Exterior. The Kia Carens 2024 Price in Pakistan is more of an MPV than a true SUV, but Kia wants to emphasize that it’s not a small crossover like the Honda CR-V or the Toyota RAV4. To do this, it has the “RV” suffix. The Kia Carens 2024 in Pakistan is an attractive two-door, three-seat sedan with seating for up to three passengers. There are two seating arrangements, five trim lines, and five engine-gearbox combinations. If you’re planning to go diesel, there are three engine options: a 2.0-liter turbo-diesel with 195 horsepower and 350 pound-feet of torque, a 3.1-liter diesel with 150 horsepower and 280 pound-feet of torque, or a

You’ll find an interesting fact about Kia Carens in Pakistan next year. It will be the first time Kia offers this car in Pakistan with 1.5 petrol in the lower trims. This vehicle can come in several different configurations. You can get it with seats that have middle-row captain’s chairs, or with a 5- or 6-seater that doesn’t have them. It’s also available as a 7-seater.

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Kia Carens 2024 Price in Pakistan

Now, let’s talk about the most important aspect—the price of the Kia Carens 2024 in Pakistan. With its affordability and impressive features, the Carens 2024 offers great value for money. The price range for the Carens 2024 in Pakistan starts from PKR 29,32,300. The exact price may vary depending on the selected variant, additional features, and any applicable taxes or customs duties.

Kia Carens PKR 29,32,300

Exterior Of Kia Carens

The basic outline of this van gives it an SUV look. It’s got side cladding and wheel wells that give it the appearance of having an extended wheelbase. There are a variety of different types of premium Kia Carens 2024 tires. They come in a 16-inch rim size. but going with larger rims was not possible since they wouldn’t fit into the smaller wheel wells. The sleek, angular look of the car is completed by a smooth, knurled gloss-black panel that runs across the wide front end, and a set of stylish, split headlamps on either side. There are now three large, rectangular air dam slots on the lower side of the car. These air dams are similar to the Kia Air Dams from the previous generation but feature smaller indentations.

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Interior Of Kia Carens

When you enter the Kia Carens 2024 you are going to see amazing products and quality that will wow you first and foremost. As far as mass-market automobiles go, everything, from the gloss panels on the dashboard to the smaller buttons on the center console, looks luxurious. This great-looking car is the perfect choice for people who love getting out into nature. The exterior design, adjustable steering, and comfort of the seats are just a few things that drivers should look for when buying a used car. If you want to be able to see the dash more easily in sunlight, choose the model with a 10.25-inch screen that is angled to reduce reflection.

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Kia Carens 2024 Specifications

Engine Transmission
Engine Type 1.5 L CRDi VGT
Displacement (cc) 1493
Max Power 113.42bhp@4000rpm
Max Torque 250nm@1500-2750rpm
No. of cylinder 4
Valves Per Cylinder 4
Fuel Supply System CRDi
TransmissionType Automatic
Gear Box 6-Speed
Drive Type 2WD

Key Features of the Kia Carens 2024:

  1. Stylish Exterior Design: The Kia Carens 2024 boasts a sleek and aerodynamic exterior design that catches the eye with its bold lines, modern grille, and striking LED headlights. The sporty alloy wheels add a touch of sophistication to its overall appeal.


  1. Spacious and Comfortable Interior: The Carens offers a roomy and comfortable interior, perfect for families and long journeys. With ample legroom and headroom, even tall passengers can enjoy a relaxed and comfortable seating experience. The seven-seater configuration allows for versatile seating and accommodates larger families.


  1. Advanced Safety Features: Kia prioritizes safety, and the Carens is equipped with a range of advanced safety features. It includes multiple airbags strategically placed throughout the cabin, anti-lock braking system (ABS) for enhanced control during braking, electronic stability control (ESC) to ensure stability on different road conditions, and rear parking sensors for effortless parking.


  1. Cutting-Edge Infotainment System: The Carens incorporates the latest technology to keep passengers entertained and connected. It features an intuitive touchscreen infotainment system with support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, allowing seamless integration of smartphones. Bluetooth connectivity, USB ports, and a premium sound system further enhance the overall entertainment experience.


  1. Fuel-Efficient Performance: The Kia Carens 2024 is equipped with a fuel-efficient 1.6-liter gasoline engine that strikes a balance between performance and economy. The responsive transmission and refined suspension system contribute to a smooth and enjoyable driving experience.


  1. Comprehensive Warranty: Kia is renowned for its reliability, and the Carens comes with a comprehensive warranty package. This provides owners with peace of mind and reflects Kia’s confidence in the quality and durability of their vehicles.


  1. Versatile Cargo Space: The Carens offers flexible cargo space, making it suitable for various lifestyle needs. The rear seats can be folded down to create additional storage room, allowing for easy transportation of larger items or luggage.

Kia Carens 2024 Competitors

The Kia Carens 2024, also known as the Kia Rondo in some markets, competes in the midsize MPV (multi-purpose vehicle) segment. Here are some of its main competitors:

  1. Toyota Prius
  2. Honda Odyssey
  3. Mazda 6
  4. Kia Carnival/Sedona


The Kia Carens 2024 brings together affordability, style, and practicality, making it an appealing option for families in Pakistan. With its affordable price range, stylish exterior, spacious interior, advanced features, and reliable performance, the Carens offers a compelling package for car buyers. If you’re in the market for a family vehicle that doesn’t compromise on quality, the Kia Carens 2024 should definitely be on your radar.

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FAQs about Kia Carens 2024

Q: What is the price of the Kia Carens 2024  in Pakistan?

The price of the Kia Carens 2024  in Pakistan is PKR 29,32,300.

Q: What is the fuel average of the Kia Carens 2024?

The fuel average of the Kia Carens 2024  is  15.7 to 21.3 kmpl.

Q: What is the overall rating of the Hyundai Elantra?

The overall rating of the Hyundai Elantra is 4/5

Q: What is the Top speed of the Kia Carens 2024 in Pakistan?

  • 174 kmph

Q: What makes the Kia Carens 2024 a good choice for families?

The Kia Carens 2024 is a great choice for families due to its affordable pricing, spacious interior, and versatile seating configurations. It combines style, comfort, and practicality, making it an ideal vehicle for family adventures.

Q: Is the Kia Carens 2024 fuel-efficient?

A: Yes, Kia is known for offering engines that deliver a balance of performance and fuel efficiency. The Carens 2024 is designed to provide a smooth and efficient ride, making it suitable for both city driving and longer trips.