Sazgar Electric Rickshaw Price in Pakistan 2024

Sazgar Electric Rickshaw Price in Pakistan 2024

Get to know the Sazgar Electric Rickshaw Price in Pakistan for 2024. This comprehensive guide provides valuable insights into the cost of Sazgar electric rickshaws, allowing you to make an informed decision. Sazgar Company, a prominent player in the automobile industry of Pakistan, has introduced electric rickshaws to the market, offering an eco-friendly and efficient transportation option. These three-wheeled vehicles are now available for booking on the company’s website, allowing interested customers to join the electric revolution.

With a focus on addressing the range concerns of potential buyers, Sazgar has equipped its electric rickshaws with a battery that provides an impressive range of up to 100 kilometers on a single charge. This ensures that drivers can confidently navigate urban areas without worrying about running out of power.

Initially showcased as a prototype in 2021, Sazgar’s electric rickshaws have now become accessible to the general public for purchase. The vehicles feature a robust 3kW motor, ensuring smooth and reliable performance for drivers and passengers alike.

As the demand for electric vehicles continues to rise, Sazgar’s foray into the electric rickshaw market marks a significant step forward in promoting sustainable transportation solutions in Pakistan. By embracing these electric rickshaws, individuals can contribute to reducing carbon emissions and creating a cleaner environment for future generations.

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Sazgar Rickshaw Price in Pakistan 2024

People in Pakistan can now discover the latest prices of Sazgar Electric Rickshaws in 2024. The base price for the rickshaw is set at 720,000 PKR. However, Sazgar offers an installment policy, making it more accessible for potential buyers. One of the significant advantages of these electric rickshaws is the considerable cost savings for riders and users. It is estimated that users can save approximately 226,000 PKR annually on fuel expenses and around 66,000 PKR on maintenance costs.

Apart from the base model, Sazgar also offers options with larger battery capacities. Opting for the 9 kW/h battery model increases the price to 825,000 PKR, while the rickshaw equipped with an 11.5 kW/h battery is priced at 925,000 PKR. It’s important to note that as the battery capacity increases, so does the range, allowing for longer trips without the need for recharging.

Here is a summary of the Sazgar Electric Rickshaw prices in Pakistan for 2024:

Sazgar Electric Rickshaw Price in Pakistan

Rickshaw Model Price
Basic Rickshaw Price 720,000 PKR
9 kW/h Electric Battery Rickshaw Price 825,000 PKR
11.5 kW/h Electric Battery Rickshaw Price 925,000 PKR

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Sazgar Electric Rickshaw Price in Pakistan 2024

The Exterior of the Sazgar Electric Rickshaw

The Sazgar Electric Rickshaw features a sleek and modern exterior design that captures attention wherever it goes. With its compact size and three-wheeled structure, the rickshaw effortlessly navigates through narrow streets and crowded areas, making it an ideal choice for urban commuting. The rickshaw’s vibrant color options and stylish accents add a touch of personality to its overall appearance, making it stand out on the roads of Pakistan. Its sturdy build quality ensures durability and reliability, making it a reliable mode of transportation for both passengers and drivers alike.

Sazgar Electric Rickshaw specifications in Pakistan

These specifications ensure a comfortable and stable ride for drivers and passengers. The front suspension with hydraulic shock absorption helps in absorbing bumps and irregularities on the road, providing a smoother experience. The rear suspension, equipped with a leaf spring shock absorber, contributes to the overall suspension system’s effectiveness, enhancing the vehicle’s stability and reducing vibrations.

With a gross weight of 370kgs across all variants, the electric rickshaws maintain a balanced weight distribution for optimal performance and maneuverability.

Both the front and rear brakes are disc brakes, ensuring reliable and responsive braking. Disc brakes offer improved stopping power and better heat dissipation, enhancing safety and control.

model Variant 1 2 Variant  Variant 3
Front Suspension Hydraulic Shock Absorption Shock Absorption Hydraulic Shock Absorption
Rear Suspension Leaf Spring Shock Absorber Spring Shock Absorber Leaf Spring Shock Absorber
Gross Weight 370kgs kgs 370 370kgs
Front Brake Disc Brake Brake Disc  Disc Brake
Rear Brake Disc Brake Brake Disc Disc Brake

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Sazgar Electric Rickshaw Price in Pakistan

Sazgar Electric Rickshaw Features in Pakistan

Here are the unique features of the Sazgar Electric Rickshaw:

No. Unique Features
1 Eco-friendly and zero emissions
2 Cost-effective transportation
3 Low maintenance requirements
4 Noiseless operation
5 Smooth and comfortable ride
6 Compact size for easy maneuverability
7 Regenerative braking system
8 LED lighting for energy efficiency
9 High load-carrying capacity
10 Reliable and durable construction
11 Enhanced safety features
12 Extended battery life
13 Quick charging capabilities
14 Easy accessibility for passengers
15 Digital instrument cluster
16 Weather-resistant design
17 Low operating costs
18 Government incentives and subsidies
19 Suitable for urban environments
20 Customizable exterior options
21 Comfortable seating arrangements
22 Optimal energy utilization
23 Advanced motor technology
24 User-friendly controls
25 Efficient power management
26 Integrated USB charging ports
27 Ample storage compartments
28 Anti-theft security features
29 Smooth acceleration and braking
30 Extended warranty options
31 GPS tracking system
32 Versatile for various terrains
33 Local service and support

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Sazgar Electric Rickshaw Price Pakistan

Pros and Cons:

Here are the pros and cons of the Sazgar Electric Rickshaw:

  • i. Eco-friendly and zero emissions.
  • ii. Cost-effective transportation option.
  • iii. Low maintenance requirements.
  • iv. Noiseless operation.
  • v. Smooth and comfortable ride.
  • vi. Regenerative braking system.
  • i. Limited charging infrastructure.
  • ii. Relatively shorter range compared to traditional vehicles.
  • iii. Longer charging times.
  • iv. Initial higher cost compared to conventional rickshaws.
  • v. Limited top speed compared to some other vehicles.
  • vi. Dependence on electricity available for charging.

Sazgar Electric Rickshaws Color options:

The Sazgar Electric Rickshaw is available in a range of vibrant and stylish colors, allowing individuals to choose the one that suits their preferences and personal style. Some popular color options include:

  • Royal Blue
  • Vibrant Red
  • Classic Black
  • Elegant White
  • Metallic Silver
  • Bold Yellow
  • Graceful Green
  • Chic Pink
  • Sophisticated Gray
  • Pearl White


In the market of electric rickshaws in Pakistan, the Sazgar Electric Rickshaw faces competition from various manufacturers offering similar vehicles. Some notable competitors include:

  • New Asia Electric Company
  • Super Asia Electric Vehicles
  • Nishat Group Electric Rickshaws
  • Romai Electric Rickshaws
  • Diamond Electric Rickshaws
  • United Auto Industries Electric Rickshaws
  • Star EV Electric Rickshaws
  • Power Electric Rickshaws
  • Saigol Group Electric Rickshaws
  • Euro Electric Rickshaws

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(FAQs) about Sazgar Electric Rickshaw Price in Pakistan:

Q: What is the price range of Sazgar Electric Rickshaws?

The price of Sazgar Electric Rickshaws ranges from PKR 720,000 to PKR 925,000.

Q: Are there any installment options available for purchasing Sazgar Electric Rickshaws?

Yes, Sazgar offers an installment policy, making it more convenient for customers to purchase their electric rickshaws.

Q: How long does it take to charge a Sazgar Electric Rickshaw?

The charging time for Sazgar Electric Rickshaws is typically around 4 to 5 hours.

Q: What is the approximate range of Sazgar Electric Rickshaws on a single charge?

Sazgar Electric Rickshaws offer an approximate range of 100 kilometers to 210 kilometers, depending on the battery capacity.