Suzuki Liana 2024 Price, Safety Features, Engine, specifications

Suzuki Liana 2024 Price, Safety Features, Engine, specifications

Suzuki Liana 2024 Price, Safety Features, Engine, and specifications. Are you in the market for a new automobile and considering the Suzuki Liana 2024? This automobile has a long history in the Pakistani market and is renowned for its affordability, dependability, and fuel economy. This article will provide you with important details about the Suzuki Liana 2024, including its price in Pakistan, features, and specifications. Before investing your hard-earned money in this vehicle, we intend to provide you with a detailed guide to help you make an informed decision.

Suzuki has been a trusted brand in Pakistan for many years, offering a variety of affordable and dependable automobiles. The Suzuki Liana is anticipated to be introduced in 2024 as the company’s new model. The Suzuki Liana is eagerly anticipated by vehicle devotees in Pakistan due to its contemporary features, elegant design, and advanced technology. This article will discuss the price of the Suzuki Liana 2024 in Pakistan as well as other pertinent information regarding this model.

The Suzuki Liana 2024 is a highly anticipated model in the Pakistani market. The car is expected to have a sleek design, modern features, and advanced technology. It will come with a 1.5L engine and a range of advanced safety features, making it a highly attractive option for car buyers in Pakistan.

The compact sedan Suzuki Liana 2024 is manufactured by Suzuki Motor Corporation. The automobile was introduced for the first time in 2001 and has since undergone a number of enhancements to accommodate shifting market demands. The 2024 Suzuki Liana features a streamlined and contemporary design that is certain to attract attention on the road. Let’s get into the specifics.

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Suzuki Liana 2024 Price in Pakistan

The base variant of the 2024 Suzuki Liana in Pakistan costs PKR 2,150,000, while the most expensive model costs PKR 2,350,000. The price may differ based on the variant and location. It is essential to note that the price of the automobile is subject to change due to a number of variables, including taxes,

Suzuki Liana 2024 PKR 2,150,000 To PKR 2,350,000

Exterior Features of Suzuki Liana 2024

The exterior of the 2024 Suzuki Liana is designed to have a dynamic appearance. The vehicle’s chrome grille contributes to its elegance. The vehicle’s alloy rims improve its overall appearance. LED headlamps provide a clear view of the road in front of the vehicle.

The Suzuki Liana has a modern and sleek exterior design, featuring a bold front grille and striking headlights that add to its stylish appeal. The car’s elongated body and sporty curves give it a distinctive look that sets it apart from other sedans in its class.

Features of the Suzuki Liana 2024’s Interior

The Suzuki Liana 2024’s interior is wide and comfortable. The vehicle’s two-tone interface contributes to its elegance. The car features a cutting-edge infotainment system with a touchscreen display, Bluetooth connectivity, and a premium sound system. The car’s trunk is large enough to accommodate luggage for extended trips.

Inside, the Suzuki Liana boasts a comfortable and spacious cabin that can accommodate up to five passengers. The cars interior features high-quality materials and finishes, including soft-touch surfaces and premium upholstery. The car’s infotainment system is also user-friendly and easy to navigate, featuring a touchscreen display and intuitive controls.


Safety Features of Suzuki Liana 2024

The new Suzuki Liana comes packed with advanced safety features that provide peace of mind for you and your passengers. These include dual front airbags, anti-lock brakes, electronic stability control, and a rearview camera.

The Suzuki Liana 2024 is equipped with cutting-edge safety features that guarantee a secure and comfortable voyage. The vehicle is equipped with airbags that protect the driver and passengers in the event of an accident. The vehicle’s ABS brakes prevent sliding and assure a controlled halt. A rearview camera provides a clear image of the area behind the vehicle.

Total no. of airbags No
Number of seat belts No
Availability of engine Immobilizer Yes
Traction control system No
Anti-lock braking system Yes
Control for assistance in descent hill No
Hill start control for assistance No
Control system for vehicle stability No
ISOFIX seat anchors for child No
Fog lights Yes
Rear central control system No

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Fuel Economy of Suzuki Liana 2024

The Suzuki Liana 2024 is a fuel-efficient vehicle with outstanding mileage. The automobile has a gasoline reservoir capacity of 42 liters and achieves 14 kilometers per liter. The vehicle’s fuel-efficient engine reduces its overall gasoline consumption.

Fuel economy in the city 13KM/L
Fuel economy on the highway 18 KM/L
Fuel tank capacity 410 L

Warranty of Suzuki Liana 2024

The Suzuki Liana 2024 is covered by a warranty for three years or 60,000 kilometers, whichever occurs first. The warranty covers all manufacturing defects and guarantees that the automobile is defect-free.

Suzuki Liana 2024 Features

The Suzuki Liana 2024 is anticipated to include a number of sophisticated features that will make it a highly desirable option for Pakistani car purchasers. The following features are anticipated to be included. Airbags, ABS, EBD, and Brake Assist are cutting-edge safety features.

  1. Automatic climate control
  2. Power windows
  3. Power transmission
  4. Reverse camera
  5. Keyless approach
  6. Push-button ignition
  7. System of on-screen entertainment controls
  8. Bluetooth compatibility
  9. USB interface
  10. Navigation system
  11. Aluminum rims

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Engine And Specifications Of Suzuki Liana 2024 

The Suzuki Liana has a 1.3 Liter 16 Valve 4 Cylinder Engine, and some versions have a 1.5 Liter 16 Valve 4 Cylinder Engine. Similarly, the majority of versions use gas as their fuel, with two exceptions using CNG. Furthermore, the Suzuki Liana is equipped with both a 5-speed manual transmission and an automatic transmission. Furthermore, the highest fuel number of the Suzuki Liana’s 1st Edition is 11 km per liter, and it can drive 550 miles on a full tank. The gasoline reservoir has a capacity of 50 gallons.

Engine type 1.3 Liter 16 Valve 4 Cylinder Engine
Peak power (hp) capacity 89bhp_@_5750RPM, 86lb-ft_@_4750RPM
Maximum torque 116 Nm or 85 lb. ft @ 4750 rpm
Compression ratio 9.5:1
Bore x Stroke 78.0 x 69.5 mm 3.07 x 2.72 inches
Fuel type and fuel tank volume Petrol and CNG and 50-liter petrol tank
Maximum mileage value 11 km per liter
No. Cylinders and valves Four cylinders and 16 valves

Ask a professional for assistance if you are confused about any aspect of the engine’s construction. Even though it might be the most difficult challenge they have ever encountered, there is a higher chance of success.


Suzuki Liana 2024 Tire and wheel

Size of tire 185/65/R14
Availability of spare wheel No
Type of wheel Steel wheel having caps of wheel
Size of wheel 14- inches

Brakes and Suspension Of Suzuki Liana 2024 

Type of suspension Front: McPherson Strut along with coil spring Rear: Struct coil spring
Min. turning radius 5.0 m
Front brake type Ventilated discs
Type of rear brake Drum

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Suzuki Liana 2024 Colors 

The Suzuki Liana is only offered in white. In Pakistan, it is offered in a single hue. It may be seen in other hues in the future.

Suzuki Liana 2024 Variants

The Suzuki Liana 2024 is anticipated to be offered in many different configurations, each with its own set of features and options. The following variants are anticipated to be available in Pakistan:

Basis Model



Suzuki Liana 2024 Competitors

The Suzuki Liana 2024 will face tough competition in the Pakistani market. Some of its competitors include:

  1. Toyota Corolla
  2. Honda City
  3. Hyundai Elantra
  4. Kia Cerato
  5. Suzuki Baleno
  6. Suzuki Cultus
  7. Daihatsu Tanto
  8. Honda Civic
  9. Suzuki every wagon
  10. Mazda RXB
  11. Mercedes Benz C class


In summary, the new Suzuki Liana is a top contender in the sedan market, offering a modern and stylish design, a comfortable and spacious interior, powerful performance, advanced safety features, and great value for your money. If you’re in the market for a new car, the Suzuki Liana is definitely worth considering we hope that this article has provided you with a comprehensive breakdown of the features and pricing of the new Suzuki Liana in Pakistan.

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FAQs About Suzuki Liana 2024 

Q1: How much is the Suzuki Liana 2024 expected to cost in Pakistan?

A: The Suzuki Liana 2024 is anticipated to cost between PKR 2,150,000 and PKR 2,350,000 in Pakistan.

Q2: What features are anticipated for the Suzuki Liana 2024?

A: The 2024 Suzuki Liana is anticipated to include advanced safety features, automatic climate control, power windows, power steering, a rearview camera, keyless entry, push-button ignition, a touchscreen infotainment system, Bluetooth connectivity, a USB input, a navigation system, and alloy wheels.

Q3: When will the Suzuki Liana 2024 make its Pakistan debut?

A: The Suzuki Liana 2024 launch date in Pakistan has not yet been confirmed.

Q4: What variants of the Suzuki Liana 2024 are anticipated in Pakistan?

A: The anticipated Suzuki Liana 2024 variants in Pakistan are the Basis Model, GLI, and GLX.

Q5. What is the fuel efficiency of Suzuki Liana 2024?

A: The 2024 Suzuki Liana has a combined fuel economy of 14.5 km/liter.

Q6. What are the safety features of the Suzuki Liana 2024?

A: The Suzuki Liana 2024 is equipped with airbags, ABS brakes, and a rearview camera.