Toyota Aygo Price in Pakistan 2024, Reviews, Specs & Features

Toyota Aygo Price in Pakistan 2024, Reviews, Specs & Features

Toyota Aygo Price in Pakistan 2024, Reviews, Specs & Features. Are you curious about the Toyota Aygo price in Pakistan in 2024? Toyota Aygo has been a popular car model in Pakistan since its launch, and people are always looking for the latest prices to make an informed purchase. In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide to Toyota Aygo prices in Pakistan for the year 2024. From the cost of the basic model to the latest upgrades, we will cover everything you need to know about the Toyota Aygo.

The Toyota Aygo is a popular car model in Pakistan, known for its fuel efficiency, durability, and affordable price. The vehicular object at hand is a diminutive automobile that proves to be appropriate for traversing both metropolitan and pastoral terrain. The Aygo is designed for people who want a reliable car that is easy to drive and maintain.


Toyota Aygo Price in Pakistan 2024

The price of the Toyota Aygo 2024 in Pakistan is expected to be between PKR 2,185,500 to PKR 2,285,500. The final price will depend on various factors, such as taxes, import duties, and exchange rates. The price range is comparable to other subcompact cars available in Pakistan.

Toyota Aygo 2024 PKR 2,185,500 to PKR 2,285,500

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Overview of Toyota Aygo

Before we dive into the prices of the Toyota Aygo, let’s take a quick look at the features and specifications of this car model. The Toyota Aygo is a compact hatchback designed for fuel efficiency and practicality. It has a 1.0-liter, the 3-cylinder engine that can produce up to 72 horsepower. The Aygo is available in both manual and automatic transmission. The car has a spacious interior that can seat up to 4 people comfortably. It also has a good safety rating and comes equipped with modern safety features.

Toyota Aygo Interior Features

The Toyota Aygo 2024 comes with a range of advanced interior features that enhance the driving experience. This vehicle boasts a seven-inch touchscreen exhibit with the capability of accommodating Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. It is equipped with an air cooling system and the convenience of entering without the use of a key. A multifunctional steering wheel, electric windows, and a rearview camera are all standard.

The design of the internal arrangement is geared towards providing a roomy and cozy atmosphere, with abundant allowance for both leg and head positions. The seats are constructed with superior materials that endow the rider with the utmost level of relief and reinforcement. Overall, the Toyota Aygo’s interior is both stylish and functional, making it a popular choice among car enthusiasts.

toyota aygo interior

Features Of Toyota Aygo 2024

The Toyota Aygo 2024 is a compact car that offers a range of advanced features, making it a popular choice among car enthusiasts. This vehicle is crafted to embody both utility and elegance, incorporating a vast array of characteristics both inside and outside to elevate the act of driving. Some of the key features of the Toyota Aygo 2024 include:

  1. The screen display measures seven inches and accommodates Apple CarPlay and Android Auto applications.
  2. Air conditioning and keyless entry
  3. Multifunctional steering wheel and power windows
  4. Rearview camera
  5. Spacious and comfortable interior with ample legroom and headroom
  6. High-quality seats made of comfortable materials
  7. Distinctive X-shaped grille and aerodynamic design
  8. Sleek headlights and fog lights for excellent visibility
  9. Power-adjustable side mirrors, LED daytime running lights, and alloy wheels
  10. The fuel proficiency is enhanced by a three-cylinder motor that produces up to seventy-two horsepower and torque measuring ninety-three Nm.
  11. Low CO2 emissions rating

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Toyota Aygo 2024 Exterior

The Toyota Aygo 2024 has a stylish and modern exterior design that makes it stand out on the road. The car is available in a range of vibrant colors, including red, blue, and yellow, which add to its playful and fun nature. The front of the car dons a unique grille with an X shape, which serves as an emblem of Toyota’s distinct design jargon. The car is equipped with refined headlights and fog lights, which offer superior visibility during all climate conditions.

The Aygo’s exterior is designed to be aerodynamic, which helps improve fuel efficiency and reduce wind noise. Other notable exterior features of the Aygo include power-adjustable side mirrors, LED daytime running lights, and alloy wheels. The car’s exterior boasts both functionality and alluring aesthetics, making it a favored pick among drivers who seek an efficient and fashionable vehicle.

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Specifications Of Toyota Aygo

Here are the specifications for the Toyota Aygo 2024:

Engine 1.0-liter three-cylinder
Horsepower 72 hp
Torque 93 Nm
Transmission 5-speed manual or optional automatic
Fuel Economy (Combined) 20 km/liter
CO2 Emissions Low
Length 3,465 mm
Width 1,615 mm
Height 1,460 mm
Wheelbase 2,340 mm
Seating Capacity 4
Cargo Capacity 168 liters
Fuel Tank Capacity 35 liters
Front Suspension MacPherson Strut
Rear Suspension Torsion Beam
Brakes (Front/Rear) Ventilated Disc/Solid Disc
Wheels 15-inch alloy
Tires 165/60 R15

These specifications highlight the performance, dimensions, and other important details of the Toyota Aygo 2024, making it easier for car enthusiasts to compare it with other vehicles in its class.

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Toyota Aygo  2024 Engine

The Toyota Aygo 2024 is equipped with a powerful and efficient three-cylinder engine that delivers impressive performance. The engine has a displacement of 1.0 liters and can produce up to 72 horsepower and 93 Nm of torque. It is mated to a five-speed manual transmission or an optional automatic transmission. The engine of the Aygo has been designed to provide great fuel efficiency, with a combined fuel economy of 20 kilometers per liter.

This makes it a perfect vehicle for daily commutes as well as longer drives. The vehicle’s low CO2 emissions rating makes it an environmentally conscious choice as well. Overall, the Toyota Aygo’s engine is both powerful and efficient, making it a popular choice among car enthusiasts who want a fun and practical car.

Pros and Cons

Here are some pros and cons of the Toyota Aygo 2024:

  • 1. Efficient engine for great fuel economy
  • 2. Stylish and compact design for easy maneuverability
  • 3. Range of safety features for added security
  • 4. Affordable price for a city car
  • 1. Limited seating capacity for only four passengers
  • 2. Limited cargo capacity for larger items
  • 3. Lack of advanced technology features compared to some competitors

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In conclusion, the Toyota Aygo 2024 is a stylish and practical city car that offers a range of impressive features and specifications. The car’s compact size allows for easy navigation through crowded streets, while its efficient engine provides excellent fuel economy without sacrificing performance. The car’s interior and exterior have been meticulously crafted to blend style with functionality. In addition, the safety features provide reassurance for both drivers and passengers. Overall, the Toyota Aygo 2024 is a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable and affordable city car.

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FAQs About Toyota Aygo 2024

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Toyota Aygo 2024:

Q: What is the starting price of the Toyota Aygo 2024?

A: The price of the Toyota Aygo 2024 is PKR 2,185,500 to PKR 2,285,500.

Q: What is the fuel economy of the Toyota Aygo 2024?

A: The Toyota Aygo 2024 has a combined fuel economy of 20 km/liter.

Q: What safety features are available in the Toyota Aygo 2024?

A: The Toyota Aygo 2024 is equipped with a range of safety features, including a lane departure warning, automatic emergency braking, and a rearview camera.

Q: How many passengers can the Toyota Aygo 2024 seat?

A: The Toyota Aygo 2024 can seat up to four passengers.

Q: What is the cargo capacity of the Toyota Aygo 2024?

A: The Toyota Aygo 2024 has a cargo capacity of 168 liters.