Toyota Supra Price in Pakistan 2024, Specs, Pros and Cons

Toyota Supra Price in Pakistan 2024, Specs, Pros and Cons

Looking for an affordable and powerful car? Check out the latest Toyota Supra Price in Pakistan for 2024. The Toyota Supra is a legendary sports car, renowned for its exceptional speed and stylish appearance. Car aficionados in Pakistan hold the Supra in high regard, yearning to possess one of their own. As the 2024 model approaches, the inquiry on everyone’s lips is the cost of this beloved vehicle in Pakistan. This piece will furnish a thorough account of the Toyota Supra’s pricing in Pakistan for the year 2024, alongside its traits, features, technicalities, and comparisons with other sports cars available in the market.

Toyota Supra has always been a fan favorite in Pakistan due to its unique design, exceptional performance, and reliability. With the 2023 model on the horizon, Toyota fans are eagerly anticipating the release of this new sports car. However, prior to examining the predicted cost of the Toyota Supra in Pakistan, let us initially provide a synopsis of this car.

Toyota Supra Price in Pakistan

Toyota Supra Price in Pakistan

As per our sources, the estimated price range for the Toyota Supra in Pakistan is between PKR 7,050,000 to PKR 9,050,000.

Model Price
Toyota Supra 2024 PKR PKR 7,050,000 to PKR 9,050,000.

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Overview Of Toyota Supra 2024 

The release of the Toyota Supra in Pakistan is eagerly awaited, with the expected launch slated for 2024. The Toyota Supra is a vehicle that exudes elegance and allure with its refined exterior design. The car also possesses unparalleled performance abilities, providing a thrilling driving experience. In addition, the Toyota Supra is equipped with cutting-edge safety features, ensuring a secure and safe journey for its passengers. It is a popular choice for car enthusiasts and people who enjoy a thrilling driving experience.

It is anticipated that the cost of the forthcoming Toyota Supra in Pakistan will be relatively steep, potentially making it unattainable for some potential buyers. Despite this, the vehicle’s exceptional features and unparalleled performance are certain to draw in many customers who are seeking a premium sports car that is worth investing in.

In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide to the Toyota Supra price in Pakistan in 2024. Those interested in purchasing the vehicle will learn about its salient characteristics, as well as the range in which they can anticipate finding its pricing.

Toyota Supra Price in Pakistan

Toyota Supra 2024 Specifications in Pakistan

The Toyota Supra is a sports car that prioritizes performance and promises an exciting driving experience. Equipped with advanced features and specifications, it is a popular choice among car enthusiasts. However, these specs only scratch the surface of what the Toyota Supra can offer. With its powerful engine, advanced transmission, and lightweight design, the car is built to provide a thrilling and exhilarating drive.

Here is a table outlining some of the key specifications of the Toyota Supra:

Basic Info

Brand Toyota
Model Supra 2024
Status Available
Body type Coupe
Displacement 3000 cc
Kerb weight 1540 KG
Boot space 288 L
Ground clearance 114 mm

Engine and Performance

Engine 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six engine
Horsepower 382 hp
Torque 368 lb-ft
Transmission 8-speed automatic with paddle shifters
Drivetrain Rear-wheel drive
0-60 mph 3.9 seconds
Top Speed 155 mph
Curb Weight 3,397 lbs
Fuel Economy 24 mpg combined


Length 172.5 inches
Width 73 inches
Height 50.9 inches
Wheelbase 97.2 inches
Ground Clearance 4.7 inches
Curb Weight 3,400 pounds

Weights and Capacities

Curb Weight 3,400 pounds
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating 3,979 pounds
Maximum Payload Capacity 579 pounds
Maximum Towing Capacity Not recommended
Fuel Tank Capacity 13.7 gallons
Seating Capacity 2 passengers
Cargo Volume 10.2 cubic feet

Toyota Supra Price in Pakistan

Exterior Of Toyota Supra

The new Toyota Supra boasts a sleek and aerodynamic design that is bound to catch the eye on the road. The exterior features a long hood, a short rear deck, and a double-bubble roof that gives it a sporty appearance. The front grille is aggressive, with large air intakes and LED headlights that add to its modern and stylish look.

Lightweight materials, such as aluminum and carbon fiber, make up the body, improving performance and fuel efficiency. The car also features 19-inch alloy wheels and a rear spoiler, adding to its sporty appeal. Overall, the Toyota Supra’s exterior design strikes the perfect balance between style and performance, making it a car that is sure to turn heads.

Toyota Supra 2024 Exterior Features

Sleek and aerodynamic design LED headlights
Aggressive front grille LED taillights
Muscular rear fenders Dual exhaust system
Low stance for enhanced aerodynamics Rear spoiler
LED daytime running lights Power-folding side mirrors
Integrated rear diffuser 19-inch alloy wheels
Lightweight carbon fiber components High-performance braking system
Active rear spoiler with auto-deploy Rain-sensing windshield wipers

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Toyota Supra 2024 Interior

The Toyota Supra’s interior is equally impressive, boasting a luxurious and functional design. The seats are made of leather and provide maximum comfort and support, even during high-speed driving. The dashboard features a modern, sleek design with a large touchscreen display that grants easy access to the car’s features and functions.

Adaptive cruise control and lane departure warning are just two of the advanced safety features included in the Toyota Supra. The Toyota Supra’s interior design is focused on the driver, with all the controls and features placed within easy reach. The car’s trunk is large, so it’s easy to transport plenty of baggage or other stuff.

Toyota Supra 2024 Interior Features

Driver-focused cockpit Leather-trimmed sport seats
Sporty and ergonomic design Power-adjustable driver seat
Dual-zone automatic climate control Heated front seats
Push-button start Leather-wrapped steering wheel
Multifunctional steering wheel controls Aluminum interior trim
8.8-inch touchscreen display Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration
Premium JBL audio system Bluetooth connectivity
Wireless smartphone charging Navigation system
Heads-up display USB ports


Toyota Supra Color in Pakistan

Some of the popular colors for the Toyota Supra include:

  1. Absolute Zero White
  2. Nitro Yellow
  3. Renaissance Red 2.0
  4. Nocturnal Black
  5. Tungsten Silver
  6. Turbulence Gray

Pros and Cons:

  • i. Sleek and sporty design
  • ii. High-performance capabilities
  • iii. Luxurious interior with advanced features
  • iv. Lightweight materials for improved performance and fuel efficiency
  • v. Spacious trunk for storage
  • i. Expected to be priced on the higher side
  • ii. Limited seating capacity (only seats two people)
  • iii. Not suitable for families or larger groups
  • iv. Limited availability in Pakistan


Some of the key competitors of the Toyota Supra in Pakistan include:

  1. BMW Z4
  2. Porsche 718 Cayman
  3. Nissan GT-R
  4. Chevrolet Corvette
  5. Audi TT RS


To summarize, the Toyota Supra is a highly awaited sports vehicle that is set to arrive in Pakistan in 2024. The vehicle has several thrilling characteristics, such as a strong engine, a sport-tuned suspension, and many safety measures. But, the car’s pricing is projected to be on the high side, making it inaccessible for certain purchasers. Nevertheless, car enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for the release of the new Toyota Supra in Pakistan.

If you are considering buying the new Toyota Supra, make sure to stay updated on its release date and price in Pakistan. The car’s advanced features and exceptional performance capabilities are sure to provide a thrilling driving experience. Its sophisticated exterior design and high-quality interior make it a top choice for car enthusiasts. While the price of the car may be on the higher side, it is a worthwhile investment for those seeking a high-quality sports car that delivers both style and performance.

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FAQs About the Toyota Supra Price in Pakistan

Q: When is the new Toyota Supra expected to be released in Pakistan?

A: The new Toyota Supra is expected to be released in Pakistan in 2024.

Q: What are the key features of the new Toyota Supra?

A: The new Toyota Supra is expected to come with a powerful engine, a sport-tuned suspension, and a lot of safety features.

Q: What is the expected price of the Toyota Supra in Pakistan in 2024?

A: The price of the Toyota Supra in Pakistan is to be around PKR 7,050,000 to PKR 9,050,000.

Q: What is the engine capacity of the new Toyota Supra?

A: The new Toyota Supra is expected to have a 3.0-liter inline-six engine.

Q: How many people can the Toyota Supra seat?

A: The Toyota Supra is a two-seater car, which means it can only seat two people at a time.

Q: What is the fuel economy of the Toyota Supra?

A: The Toyota Supra has a fuel economy of 24 mpg combined.

Q: Does the Toyota Supra come with advanced safety features?

A: Yes, the Toyota Supra comes with a variety of advanced safety features, such as adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, and automatic emergency braking.