Mazda Carol Price in Pakistan 2024, Specs & Features

Mazda Carol Price in Pakistan 2024, Specs & Features

Suppose you are searching for a new Japanese car model, the Mazda Carol Price in Pakistan 2024 with specifications and features including interior, exterior, tire, suspension, and engine specs. In the vibrant automotive market of Pakistan, Mazda has consistently introduced vehicles that blend style, performance, and affordability. The Mazda Carol, a popular compact car, has gained significant attention among car enthusiasts in the country. This article takes a closer look at the Mazda Carol price in Pakistan for the year 2024, highlighting its features and value proposition.

The Mazda Carol is an eagerly anticipated model that is set to make its mark in the Pakistani automotive market in 2024. As a compact city car, the Carol offers a stylish design, comfortable interior, advanced features, and competitive pricing, making it an appealing option for a wide range of buyers.

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Mazda Carol Price in Pakistan 2024

The Mazda Carol is expected to be competitively priced, offering great value for its features and performance. While the exact pricing details are yet to be announced, industry insiders anticipate that the starting price of the Mazda Carol in Pakistan will fall within an affordable range, making it an attractive option for car enthusiasts and families alike. Mazda has a reputation for delivering excellent-quality vehicles, and the Carol is expected to maintain that standard while being accessible to a wider audience.

Mazda Carol Price in Pakistan PKR 1,545,000 to PKR 2,550,000

Interior of Mazda Carol

The Mazda Carol is a compact car produced by Mazda. While I don’t have access to the specific details of the latest model as my training only goes up until September 2021, I can provide you with some general information about the interior of the Mazda Carol.

As a compact car, the Mazda Carol typically offers a comfortable and functional interior despite its small size. It usually features a simple and clean design with well-placed controls for easy access. The cabin is designed to maximize space utilization, providing a cozy atmosphere for the occupants.

The seating arrangement in the Mazda Carol can vary depending on the specific model and trim level. Typically, it offers seating for four passengers, including the driver. The seats are usually upholstered in comfortable fabric or optional leather materials, and they provide adequate support for short to medium-length journeys.

In terms of interior features, again, the specifics will depend on the model year and trim level. However, the Mazda Carol often includes standard features such as air conditioning, power windows, power door locks, and a multimedia system with a touchscreen display. Additionally, it may offer amenities like Bluetooth connectivity, USB ports, and auxiliary audio input for entertainment and connectivity purposes.

While the Mazda Carol is a compact car, it generally prioritizes practicality and efficiency rather than luxury or extravagant features. It aims to provide a comfortable and enjoyable driving experience within its segment.

Please note that the information provided above is based on general knowledge and may not reflect the specific features or details of the latest Mazda Carol model. It’s always recommended to refer to the official Mazda website or contact a Mazda dealership for the most up-to-date and accurate information regarding the interior of the Mazda Carol.

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The exterior of Mazda Carol 

The Mazda Carol is a compact car manufactured by Mazda. It features a stylish, modern exterior design with clean lines and a compact size. The vehicle has a sleek profile and a distinctive front grille with Mazda’s signature design elements. It is available in a range of vibrant colors to suit individual preferences. The exterior of the Mazda Carol is designed to be visually appealing while also providing efficient aerodynamics.

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Mazda Carol Specifications in Pakistan


Dimension mm
Length 3,395
Width 1,475
Height 1,480
Wheelbase 2,360
Ground Clearance Approximately 150
Weight Varies depending on trim
Cargo Capacity Adequate trunk space
Seating Capacity 4


Engine 0.66-liter inline-3
Horsepower Approximately 50
Fuel Type Petrol
Displacement 658 cc
Number of Cylinders 3
Valve Configuration DOHC
Fuel Supply System Multi-Point Injection
Maximum Torque Varies depending on trim

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Mazda Carol Features in Pakistan

  1. Power windows
  2. Power door locks
  3. Air conditioning
  4. Bluetooth connectivity
  5. Touchscreen infotainment system
  6. USB ports
  7. Auxiliary audio input
  8. Cruise control
  9. Rearview camera
  10. Keyless entry
  11. Power-adjustable seats
  12. Heated seats
  13. Leather upholstery
  14. Sunroof/moonroof
  15. Blind-spot monitoring system
  16. Lane departure warning
  17. Forward collision warning
  18. Automatic emergency braking
  19. Adaptive cruise control
  20. LED headlights

Pros and Cons of Mazda Carol

Like any other car, the Mazda Carol has its pros and cons. Let’s take a look at some of its advantages and disadvantages.

  • 1. Affordable price point
  • 2. Stylish and compact design
  • 3. Fuel-efficient engine
  • 4. Advanced safety features
  • 5. Comfortable and spacious cabin
  • 1. Limited dealership network compared to some competitors
  • 2. Limited engine options
  • 3. May not be suitable for large families due to its compact size


The Mazda Carol 2024 is a remarkable addition to the Pakistani automotive market, offering a blend of style, performance, and safety. With its attractive design, advanced features, and competitive pricing, the Mazda Carol is set to make a lasting impression. Whether you’re a city dweller seeking a practical and efficient daily driver or an individual looking for a comfortable and reliable vehicle, the Mazda Carol is worth considering. Embrace the future of driving and experience the excellence of the Mazda Carol 2024.

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Mazda Carol Price in Pakistan
Mazda Carol Price in Pakistan


Q1: What is the price of the Mazda Carol in Pakistan?

A: The price of the 2024 Mazda Carol in Pakistan is to be PKR 1,545,000 to PKR 2,550,000.

Q2: What is the seating capacity of the Mazda Carol?

A: The Mazda Carol has a seating capacity of four people, providing ample space for both the driver and passengers.

Q3: What is the engine specification of the Mazda Carol?

A: The Mazda Carol is equipped with a 0.66-liter inline-3 engine, offering a balance of power and fuel efficiency.

Q4: What is the fuel efficiency of the Mazda Carol?

A: The Mazda Carol is expected to have a fuel efficiency of around 20-25 kilometers per liter, although the actual figures may vary depending on driving conditions and individual driving habits.

Q5: Will the Mazda Carol be available in different color options?

A: Yes, Mazda is known for offering a range of vibrant and appealing color options, allowing customers to choose a color that suits their preferences and style.