Toyota Aqua Car Price in Pakistan 2024, Specifications and Features

Toyota Aqua Car Price in Pakistan 2024, Specifications and Features

Toyota Aqua Car Price in Pakistan 2024, Specifications and Features. Toyota Aqua car Hybrid is a perfect blend of efficiency and style. This sleek convertible is sure to turn heads. Its stylish styling and classy interior will have your friends talking. The Aqua Hybrid is the world’s first watercraft that’s both an airboat and a watercraft at the same time. Toyota Aqua hybrid car is a fully electric car and is the first ever to be sold in Canada. It’s not only very safe but also very quiet. Aqua Hybrid Car is a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle with a lithium-ion battery pack. So, check out the new car Toyota Aqua Cars Price in Pakistan 2024 with its specifications and features.

It can travel at speeds up to 180 km / h. It’s very comfortable to drive and is a joy to look at. Toyota has unveiled a new image of the Aqua car.

Toyota Company launched its new Aqua model of cars in 2024 and it has been equipped with the latest technology features and specifications. The Toyota Aqua in Pakistan 2024 Price Features specifications and photos with complete details.

Here we will tell the full details of e  Toyota Aqua Car 2024 in Pakistan hIs Exterior, Interior, Safety, Maintenance, Specifications, Colors, and Other full Details.

toyota aqua price in pakistan

Toyota Aqua Car Price in Pakistan 2024

Toyota Aqua car in Pakistan 2024 costs PKR 2,000,000-3,000,000 as it’s an imported car and is only available in used condition at different imported car dealers and different car-selling websites online.

The Toyota Aqua car Price in Pakistan 

2 Million to 3 Million Rupees.

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Toyota Aqua Pros & Cons

Pros ×Cons
Comfortable Ride Quality Expensive to Maintain
Economical in its category Lack of Spare Parts
Excellent Fuel Average being Hybrid Lack of Interior Space

Toyota Aqua Car Interior View

Here we are showing the Full Interior of the Toyota Aqua car in Pakistan 2024.

  1. The stunning interior features advanced features and safety assurance.
  2. It offers the most comfortable experience. To get details for further analysis, go to the specifications.
  3. Seat Capacity of 5 people. Smooth fabric covers seats.
  4. Driver and passenger seats are 4 ways power equipped.
  5. The steering wheel is equipped with many functions. Steering is rack and pinion type equipped with an electronic motor.
  6. This model provides keyless entry and a satellite navigation system with a 6.1-inch touchscreen.
  7. There are three options: front-seat only, rear-seat only, or an all-seater.
  8. Defoggers and air conditioners, cup holders are also available.
  9. Now you can have your coffee or juice and drive too.
  10. The interior is very spacious and comfortable.
  11. There is a passenger seat with armrests.
  12. The interior has many light options. Optional navigation system.

toyota aqua interior

Toyota Aqua Car Exterior View

Toyota Aqua car 2024 built the Aqua hybrid car. It’s a sleek design that stands out from others. The exterior features are described as follows:

  • The car has four doors.
  • LED trendy headlights. 1455 mm in height. 1695 mm width. 3995 mm length.
  • Big rear bumper and standard hatchback.
  • Invariant models are being upgraded with new taillights.
  • You can get the front grill with the new model cars.
  • Foglights at the front. Power windows and power mirrors.

These are all the things that are installed on the exterior of this car by the company. Everything installed in this car is amazing and shows a great effort by the company.

Toyota Aqua Car Overview

Toyota Aqua car 2024  is a new kind of vehicle from Japan. While their vehicles have been very successful, many people don’t know much about them This type of car can be found in the market. There are many different models of this type of vehicle.

The first thing that you need to know is that this car is a small size. It is made so that you can drive it in your home. You can also use it to go to the beach or other places. You will find two seats in this vehicle. So, you and a friend can sit inside the vehicle.

There are some things that you should keep in mind before you buy one of these vehicles.  When you buy a car, you want one with great performance. However, you also need to consider other factors, such as safety and reliability. If you’re looking for the best-performing car, you’ll be able to get the most value out of a Toyota.


toyota aqua car Features


Toyota Aqua Safety

Toyota Aqua car 2024 is a new concept vehicle that was launched by the Japanese automaker. The company claims that this innovative design can help improve the quality of life.

Aqua cars have a unique style. This means that they look like small boats, but with wheels. In addition, these vehicles are equipped with safety features such as anti-lock brakes, electronic stability control, traction control, and an airbag system. You can drive the Aqua car using the same steering wheel you use in a regular car. However, you won’t be able to shift gears. Instead, you’ll need to use the paddle shifters. You also won’t be able to turn the engine off when you’re driving the Aqua. Instead, you should just press the brake pedal.

This model comes with various modern safety features, such as Traction Control (TRAC), Anti-lock Brake System (ABS), Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD), Brake Assist (BA), Smart Stop Technology (SST), and SRS airbags. It also has some great safety features such as Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), Cruise Control, Key Reminder System (KMS), and many other modern safety features.

Toyota Aqua Engine

Toyota Aqua car 2024 is a hybrid car that uses gasoline and electric engines to power its wheels. Electric engines are becoming more common in cars because they don’t produce the pollution that gasoline engines do.

When you drive a vehicle, you want performance and reliability. However, sometimes you have to compromise on one of these two factors. When you look at the Toyota Aqua, you will notice that it offers both high performance and reliability.

Toyota Aqua Engine


Toyota Aqua Engine and Transmission

Engine Displacement 1500 cc
Engine Power 116 hp @ 4800 RPM
Engine Type DOHC 16 Valves
Fuel Type Hybrid
Torque 120 Nm @ 3600 RPM
Torque Automatic
Cylinders 4
Gear Box CVT

Toyota Aqua Ride & Handling

This is a very modern-looking vehicle. The design is straight and smooth in shape. You will be able to get this type of ride In it.

  • This car is easy to handle. It’s suitable for beginners and lets drivers get maximum control over their driving.
  • This car has outstanding performance. It responds quickly at high speeds.
  • The car does not show any kind of body roll and taking sharp turns at high acceleration is also easy.

Toyota Aqua Maintenance

Toyota Aqua Car 2024 is a family-owned company that provides maintenance services to all Toyota vehicles. The team at this service center has years of experience in providing quality repair work to their customers.

Contact them if you need any repairs done on your vehicle. You will be able to get the best possible price by comparing the prices of different companies. Toyota’s Aqua’s maintenance is straightforward. I can buy any type of auto part at my local auto parts store.

Toyota Aqua Car Competitors

The main competitors of Toyota Aqua 2024 are Toyota Vitz, Honda Fit, Nissan Note, and Honda Vezel.

Toyota Aqua Car Specifications

The Aqua has many features that make it a great car. As Toyota Aqua specifications are described below.

Toyota Aqua Specifications

Body Type Hatchback
Displacement 1500 cc
Dimensions (Length x Width x Height) 4050 x 1695 x 1485 mm
Fuel Type Hybrid
Seating Capacity 5 – Persons
Horse Power 116 hp
  • This car has a wheelbase of 2550 mm. It has many safety features including a rearview camera and blind spot monitoring.
  • The vehicle features a 3-cylinder engine that produces 136 hp. This power unit allows the car to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in just 8.9 seconds.

Toyota Aqua Car Colors

Toyota Aqua cars are very popular among customers. Nowadays, you can get a new Toyota Aqua car. The price of this model is affordable. You will be happy to know that there are many colors available for your new car.

  1. Black mica color.
  2. Cherry pink pearl.
  3. Metallic blue color.
  4. Decent yellow.
  5. Orange pearl shining crystal-like color.
  6. Metallic green mica color.
  7. Cool metallic soda.
  8. Metallic grey color.
  9. Lime white crystal pearl colors

Toyota Aqua Car FAQs

1. What is the price of Toyota Aqua in Pakistan?

This car costs around 20 Lacs to 30 Lacs, depending on the options installed.

2. What is the mileage of Toyota Aqua?

The Mileage of Toyota Aqua City/Highway KM/L 25 / 22.

3. Where is Toyota Aqua made?

Toyota Aqua is made of Toyota Prius C

4. Does Toyota Aqua have power steering?

The new power steering system is more complex and more expensive than the old electric system.

5. How many CC is an Aqua car?

Toyota Aqua Hybrid B 2WD 1,500CC