Toyota Vitz 2024 Price In Pakistan, Interior, Engine & Features

Toyota Vitz 2024 Price In Pakistan, Interior, Engine & Features

Toyota Vitz 2024 Price In Pakistan, Interior, Engine & Features. The Toyota Vitz is one of the most well-liked vehicles available. For those looking for a car that is both comfortable and elegant, it boasts a range of features that make it a wonderful option. The Vitz is more technologically advanced than many other cars on the market, making it easier and quicker to use. The Vitz’s roominess and comfort make it an excellent choice for family vacations as well.

The 2024 2023 Toyota Vitz Newest Vehicle In Pakistan, prices range from PKR 23 to 33 lacs. Compare Vitz’s current pricing with those from the past as well because this price table is updated frequently following verifications.

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Toyota Vitz Price in Pakistan 2024

Toyota Vitz F 1.0
1000 cc, Automatic, Petrol
PKR 2,300,000
Toyota Vitz F 1.3
1300 cc, Automatic, Petrol
PKR 2,500,000
Toyota Vitz F M Package 1.0
1000 cc, Automatic, Petrol
PKR 3,100,000
Toyota Vitz Jewell 1.3
1300 cc, Automatic, Petrol
PKR 3,150,000
Toyota Vitz Hybrid F 1.5
1486 cc, Automatic, Hybrid
PKR 3,200,000
Toyota Vitz Hybrid U 1.5
1496 cc, Automatic, Hybrid
PKR 3,300,000
Toyota Vitz U 1.3
1300 cc, Automatic, Petrol
PKR 3,200,000
Toyota Vitz Jewela Smart Stop Package 1.0
1000 cc, Automatic, Petrol
PKR 3,250,000

Toyota Vitz Specifications

A little automobile called the Toyota Vitz made its debut in 1999. The Vitz was created to be a reliable and cost-effective vehicle for a larger market. As a result, the Vitz is offered in a range of trim levels and combinations to suit a range of requirements and driving preferences. Toyota has consistently been a reputable and well-liked automaker. Everybody can receive the ideal car from them because they provide models for every price range. One of Toyota’s more recent vehicles, the Vitz, offers a lot of options for the money. Air conditioning, a V8 engine, a five-speed automatic transmission, power windows, power door locks, and many other conveniences are included.

Toyota Vitz Specifications Pakistan

  1. Hatchback Body Type
  2. Dimensions (Length, Width, and Height): 3945 x 1695 x 1500 mm
  3. Horse Power: 68 to 95 horsepower
  4. Kerb Weight: 970 to 1110 kg
  5. Fuel Tank: 36 to 42 liters
  6. Ground Clearance: 140 to 145 mm
  7. Seating Capacity: 5 people

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Interior Of Toyota Vitz 2024

A number of interior amenities in the Toyota Vitz make it a popular option for drivers. The Toyota Vitz’s interior is cosy and roomy. There are numerous storage choices within the Toyota Vitz. The Toyota Vitz offers a few additional characteristics that make it a popular choice among drivers. There are a number of elements in the Toyota Vitz interior that make it a popular choice for drivers. The Toyota Vitz’s interior is cosy and roomy. The Toyota Vitz Vitz is a well-liked driver choice due to a number of additional amenities.

Toyota Vitz Interior

  1. Seats made of fabric Second,
  2. air conditioning
  3. 3 Airbags
  4. Cupholders
  5. Power door locks
  6. Power steering covered in urethane
  7. Windows with power
  8. Tachometer
  9. A stereo system with speakers
  10. Mirrors that can be adjusted
  11. Front fog lights
  12. System for smart entry and start
  13. Security Sense C
  14. Adaptive high beam
  15. utilizing satellites
  16. Climate regulation
  17. Decorative leather
  18. Cruise control and electric door mirrors, ToyotaaVitz Exterior

The exterior of the Toyota Vitz is likewise notable for its unusual style. The Toyota Vitz’s lightweight plastic shell gives it a clean, contemporary appearance.

Toyota Vitz interior

Toyota Vitz 2024 Exterior

Boot Space 441 L
Ground Clearance 140 – 145 mm
Kerb Weight 970 – 1110 KG
Dimensions (Length x Width x Height) 3945 x 1695 x 1500 mm
No of Doors 4
Wheel Base 2510mm

Engine Of Toyota Vitz 2024

Are you looking for the Toyota Vitz’s engine specs? This is for you! The 1.0, 1.3, and 1.5-liter inline-four engines that power the Toyota Vitz provide 68-95 horsepower and 92-119 NM of torque. The top speed of this engine is 180 kilometers per hour. In addition, the Toyota Vitz boasts electronic stability control, front and rear disc brakes, and air conditioning. The price of the Toyota Vitz Vitz in Pakistan for 2024 and other details are discussed here. Read each specification and feature carefully, then.

Toyota Vitz Engine

Displacement 1000 – 1496 cc
No of Cylinders 4
Cylinder Configuration In Line
Engine Power 68 – 95 hp @ 6000 RPM
Torque 92 – 119 Nm @ 4400 RPM
Valve Mechanism DOHC 16 Valves with VVT-i
Fuel Type Hybrid & Petrol
Fuel System EFI with VVT-i
Transmission Automatic
Gearbox 0 Speed

toyota vitz engine cc

Toyota Vitz Fuel Average

Automatic and manual transmissions are available for the Vitz. The Vitz also has good fuel economy, with city and highway KM/L ratings of 15-20 and 20-34 respectively. The Toyota Vitz Vitz may be a fantastic choice, then, if you’re seeking a cheap automobile that is roomy and comfortable!

Toyota Vitz Fuel Average

Fuel Tank Capacity 36 – 42 L
Mileage 21.6km/L with the 1.0L variant
Mileage 25km/L with the 1.3L variant
Mileage 34km/L with the 1.5L Hybrid variant

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Toyota Vitz Suspension and Brakes

With its double wishbone design, the suspension performs well on slopes and in corners. Similar to how they perform well on bumpy and rough roads, coil springs also offer good suspension performance. ABS and a 4-wheel disc brake system make up the Toyota Vitz’s braking system. The 4-wheel disc brake system offers effective stopping power on slopes and in corners. On bumpy and rough roads, the ABS provides effective braking.

Toyota Vitz Suspension & Brakes

Minimum Turning Radius 4.5 M
Steering Type Rack & Pinion with Electronic Motor
Suspension Front Tube shocks and coil springs
Suspension Rare Tube shocks and coil springs
Brakes Front Disc
Brakes Rare Disc

toyota vitz specs

Toyota Vitz 2024 Tyre and Wheels

The tyres that come standard on the Toyota Vitz Vitz are produced from a range of materials and are engineered to deliver the highest levels of performance and dependability. The tyres’ construction combines rubber and plastic, and they are engineered to be stable and have strong traction. tyres are also made to give good durability and be able to withstand a lot of loads. The wheels are constructed from sturdy, long-lasting materials to ensure a comfortable ride.

Toyota VitzTyre& Wheels

Tyres 175/60/R15
Wheel Size 15 in
Wheel Base 2510 mm
Wheel Type Alloy Wheel

Competitors Of Toyota Vitz 2024

Competitors cars of Toyota Vitz in Pakistan are as follows:

  1. Suzuki Swift
  2. FAW V2
  3. KIA Picanto
  4. Suzuki Cultus
  5. Toyota Passo
  6. Suzuki Wagon R
  7. Toyota Aqua Hybrid
  8. Hyundai Santro
  9. Honda City

vitz new model


Wheelbase 2,460 mm (96.9 in)
Length 2005–2008: 3,750 mm (147.6 in) 2008–2010: 3,785 mm (149.0 in) 3,800 mm (149.6 in) (TRD) 3,915 mm (154.1 in) (China)
Width 1,695 mm (66.7 in)

Toyota Vitz 2024 Features

The Toyota Vitz has a number of characteristics that are ideal for people looking for a little vehicle with lots of conveniences. To begin with, the Toyota Vitz is compact, making it ideal for people who seek a car that fits into small areas with ease. Additionally, the Toyota Vitz has a number of features that are ideal for folks who want a car they can use for traveling. Below are some Toyota Vitz Vitz features and specifications for Pakistan.

  1. Vehicle Stability Control;
  2. Traction Control;
  3. Airbags
  4. Excellent Build Quality
  5. Power Windows
  6. Power Steering
  7. ABS
  8. Power Windows
  9. Power Steering
  10. Extremely Durable

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FAQ about Toyota Vitz 2024

1. What is the price of a Toyota Vitz 2024 in Pakistan?

The price of Toyota Vitz 2024 is PKR 14.3 – 33.5 lacs. Check the on-road car price calculator to find out more.

2. What are the most frequent issues with Vitz?

Starter troubles and difficult starts with a cold engine are among the many complaints noted on Vitz. A damaged fuel pump and an unclean fuel filter are the root causes of this prevalent issue. Aside from these, additional typical Vitz issues include overheating, power loss, vibrations, gear shift issues, jerking, and gearbox mounting wear and tear.

3. How much gasoline does Vitz 2024 use on average?

Toyota Vitz Its fuel tank holds 42 liters of fuel and has an engine displacement of 1500cc. The vehicle can go up to 15 to 18 kilometers per liter.

4. Is the Toyota Vitz suitable for extended trips?

Yes, the Vitz is a very comfy vehicle that can easily go from LHR to KAR. However, on such lengthy travels, it is preferable to have a 1300cc vitz.

5. Vitz: A powerful vehicle?

Verdict. The market value of a Toyota Vitz is likewise very high. Because of the car’s reputation for dependability, longevity, and remarkable fuel efficiency in addition to great engine performance, it has always been a popular vehicle, even as a used one, and sells quite quickly on the used vehicle market.