Toyota IQ 2024 Price in Pakistan, Interior, Mileage & Specifications

Toyota IQ 2024 Price in Pakistan, Interior, Mileage & Specifications

Toyota IQ 2024 Price in Pakistan, Interior, Mileage & Specifications. Since Toyota vehicles come with the best characteristics and are designed by Pakistani street states, they have continually been one of the top wants of the country’s citizens. This page provides access to Toyota IQ 2024 Price in Pakistan. Toyota regularly sends out brand-new automobiles and sends out different models for previously used autos. The highest-quality vehicles are those made by Toyota, and the company also offers its customers after-sale services. Like every year, Toyota has introduced a number of vehicles this year that are in use in Pakistan. We are going to discuss the value of the Toyota IQ with you in order to make it easier for you to select the vehicle that best fits your budget.

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Toyota IQ 2024 Price in Pakistan

With only two seats, this car’s pricing range in Pakistan is between PKR 1,200,000 and 1,800,000. This is fairly reasonable for this type of vehicle.

Toyota IQ Price in PKR 12 to 18 lack

Exterior Of Toyota IQ 2024

The 1st Generation Toyota iQ’s external design language is comparatively distinctive and distinctive. Along with a trapezium air inlet, a tiny grille, a flush bumper, and angular side-swept headlamps, the front end has these features. An ordinary case hatchback is housed in the rear end along with sharp side-swept taillights. The 2008 Toyota IQ’s general exterior design stands out from other vehicles in its class thanks to its very unusual and distinctive style. Every part of styling is the same across all Toyota IQ models.

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Interior Of Toyota IQ 2024

Grey plastic trim is used throughout the Toyota IQ’s interior. Fabric covers both the front and back seats. Automatic climate control, a steering wheel with several functions, a multi-information display, power steering, power windows, power lock doors, power mirrors, a stereo speaker audio system, and a trip computer are all included as standard features. Leather upholstery and satellite navigation are available options.


Toyota IQ interior

Toyota IQ 2024 Engine

  • 0 L Inline-3, 1.3 L Inline-4
  • Diesel engine, 1.4 L, inline-4
    10-Speed Automatic Transmission
  • CVT automatic transmission with six speeds

Mileage Of Toyota IQ 2024

The compact city car’s 25-liter fuel tank can hold enough fuel for an estimated 500 kilometers of driving with the Toyota IQ 2017 1st Generation’s average mileage of up to 25 kilometers per liter.

Toyota IQ 2024 Competitor

The Smart ForTwo, Honda N One, Daihatsu Mira, Daihatsu Charade, Mitsubishi Ek, Nissan Otti, Suzuki Alto, and Mazda Carol are the Toyota IQ 2017’s primary rivals.

Specifications Of Toyota IQ

  1. 1 Liter Inline-3 67bhp@6000RPM
  2. 1.3 Liter Inline-4, 97bhp @ 6000RPM
  3. 89 horsepower at 3400 RPM from a 1.4-liter inline-4 diesel engine

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Toyota IQ 2024 Pros & Cons

  • Very compact outside dimensions
  • extremely affordable and cosy
  • lacking a back seat
  • missing replacement parts
  • a shoeless

Toyota IQ 2024 Features and Specifications

The specifications of this car are as follows:

Dimensions and Weights

  • Kerb Weight: 860 KG Boot Space: 160 mm Ground Clearance
  • Count of Doors
  • 2 door
  • 1500 mm in height overall, 2985 mm in length overall, and 1680 mm in width overall
  • Wheel Base 2000 mm


  • Minimum Turning Radius 3.9m Steering Type Rack & Pinion with Electronic Motor Power Assisted Electronic Power Steering

Fuel Economy

Mileage City and the Highway


Automatic Transmission, 0 Speed Gearbox

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Top Speed: 180 km/h


  • Displacement In-Line Cylinder Configuration Engine Size 996 cc, 68 horsepower at 6000 RPM
  • EFI Fuel Type Petrol Number of Cylinders Fuel System
  • 90 Nm of torque at 4800 RPM
  • There are 12 valves per cylinder and an OHC valve mechanism.
  • A compression ratio of 4 is 10.5

Wheels and Tyres

  • Wheel size 15 in PCD 4 x 100 mm, 175/65/R16 tyres
  • Alloy wheels, wheel type


Seating for 4 people, Fuel Tank Capacity 32 L


McPherson Struts are used for the front suspension, while Torsion Beam is used for the back suspension.


brakes: discs up front, drums at the back

Toyota IQ Availability

This vehicle is offered by numerous imported car dealers throughout Pakistan, as well as by numerous individuals who own it and are selling it on various websites where you can simply purchase it or you may import it by getting in touch with an imported car dealer nearby.

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Toyota IQ Problemyota IQ Problems

If you have a big family, it might not be the best idea for you because the only significant issues people have had with the car are related to its size. Nevertheless, this card is ideal for couples or singles.

Colors Of Toyota IQ 2024

For TOYOTA IQ, select the color scheme.

  1. ORANGE\s
  2. WHITE
  3. BLUE \s
  4. YELLOW \s
  5. GREY \s
  6. BROWN \s
  7. BLACK \s
  8. PINK \s
  9. RED \s
  10. GREEN


There are several possibilities when looking to purchase an automobile. A more economical option that meets their demands is preferred by some consumers over the newest and greatest model.

In its array of automobiles, Toyota offers both possibilities. The Toyota IQ 2024 Price in Pakistan for this year is just one of the fantastic items we provide here at our business if you’re seeking a top-notch product at an even better price.

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FAQs about Toyota IQ

  1. Why did they stop making Toyota iQ?

Sales were impeded by unfavorable currency exchange rates between Europe and Japan, and modifications required to comply with forthcoming EU emissions standards would have driven up the cost of the model even higher. In 2015, the model’s manufacture for other markets was discontinued.

  1. How many kilometers do Toyota motors last?

Toyotas often survive well over 200,000 or even 250,000 miles, though specific mileage for a vehicle varies depending on the model and the amount of care you give it.

  1. Which fuel does the Toyota iQ utilize?

The Toyota iQ hatchback’s combined cycle fuel consumption for a petrol engine ranges from 4.3 to 5.1 liters per 100 kilometers, while a diesel engine uses about 4 liters per 100 kilometers. The Toyota iQ 1.0 uses 4.3 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers, making it the most economical Toyota iQ model.

  1. Which Toyota has the best gas mileage?

TRUCK. In his 1991 Chevy C1500 pickup, which Frank Oresnik purchased used in 1996 with 41,000 miles on the clock, he surpassed 1.29 million miles driven, according to

  1. What does the iQ drive represent?

IQ refers to all intelligent aid systems. The term “DRIVE” refers to all the cutting-edge technologies Volkswagen is developing to enable automated driving up to level 5 (fully autonomous driving without a driver) in the future. It also stands for all the intelligent assistance systems currently available for driving, parking, and increased safety.