Yamaha 100 Junoon Price in Pakistan 2024, image And Specifications

Yamaha 100 Junoon Price in Pakistan 2024, image And Specifications

Yamaha 100 Junoon Price in Pakistan 2024, image And Specifications. Yamaha 100 Junoon is the right Yamaha motorcycle for those who need a good-looking but affordable sports bike Yamaha makes comfortable, durable, and easy-to-ride motorcycles. The Yamaha Junoon is a great motorcycle that is stunning in its appearance and style. It’s also a very fast motorcycle, and with just a few modifications, it can be made to go even faster. They are tires with patterned block markings that are good for traction

Yamaha 100 Junoon bikes are very reliable and have powerful engines which make them easy to handle and ride. They are very comfortable on road at high speeds. They also make an impressive impression with their attractive looks. The new model of Yamaha is launched. Its engine is upgraded to the latest models. It is a beautiful and fun-looking bike. With some practice and skill, you too can ride the Junoon motorcycle here we also discuss the Yamaha Junoon Price in Pakistan.

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Yamaha 100 Junoon Price in Pakistan

Yamaha Bike Price PKR:78.500

So Yamaha 100 Junoon in Pakistan 2024 is a kick-starter, sophisticated, and stylish motorcycle in Pakistan, and Yamaha 100 Junoon in Pakistan is one of the smoothest-riding motorcycles in the world. It’s a comfortable, smooth ride and perfect for fast journeys. Yamaha Junoon 200, which is a 2-stroke motorcycle, is the most reliable bike in India. 4-stroke engine motorcycles are more powerful and powerful, as well as are available at affordable prices. The best-seller Yamaha is the Royal 200. The fuel tank capacity is 11 liters and the fuel reserve capacity is 1.5 liters Yamaha Junoon price in Pakistan is available above in the post more specifications are available below here.

Yamaha Junoon Bike Features

  • 4-stroke air-cooled Single Cylinder
  • 4-Speed Transmission System
  • fuel reserve capacity is 1.5L
  • Strong Side Cover
  • Durable Seat
  • Kick Starter System
  • 11L Fuel Tank Capacity
  • 1.5L Reserve Capacity
  • Speedometer
  • Powerful Front Light
  • 50 to 55 KM in 1L Average
  • Black, Blue, and Red Colors

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Yamaha 100 Junoon Specifications

The specifications of this bike are listed below:

Compression Ratio
Lubrication System
Ignition System
Fuel Tank Capacity
Fuel Reserve Capacity
Starting System
Overall Length

4-Stroke, air-cooled, SOHC
8.4 N.m/6,500rpm
12V / DC CDI
11.0 liters
1.5 liters
Kick Start
1915 mm.

Yamaha 100 Junoon Engine

It’s a three-stroke diesel motor with a carburetor that makes it easier to start the bike at low RPM. The 4-stroke model is more popular in Pakistan. It’s also smoke-proof, meaning it is ideal for our modern office environment. You will want to consider the two-stroke version of this engine if you are interested in racing it.

Features of  Yamaha YD Bike

The engine capacity of the Junoon is 11 liters. It has a reserve tank of 1. It is a kick-start motorcycle and has an air-cooled, single-cylinder, Four-stroke engine to ensure that you get a smooth ride, and also reduces fuel consumption. This bike has a 4-speed transmission and an 11-liter fuel tank. A liter, Yamaha Junoon offers a wide variety of attractive colors. You can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Yamaha 100 Junoon

FAQs of Yamaha Junoon Bike

  1. What is the price of the Yamaha 100 Junoon 2024 in Pakistan?

In Pakistan, the price of the Yamaha YD-100 Junoon 2032 is PKR 78,500.

  1. What is the mileage of the Yamaha 100?

The Yamaha YD-100 Junoon offers good mileage of 40-45 Km/L.

  1. Is the Yamaha 100 Junoon good value for money?

With its attractive design, durable seat, good mileage, and powerful performance, Yamaha 100cc  is a good value for money.

  1. What is the Fuel capacity of the Yamaha 100 Junoon?

The fuel capacity of the Yamaha 100cc is 11 liter.

  1. What is the mileage of the Yamaha 100 Junoon

The mileage of the Yamaha 100cc is 40-45 km/L.