Yamaha 150 2024 Price In Pakistan Specs & Features, Specification

Yamaha 150 2024 Price In Pakistan Specs & Features, Specification

Yamaha 150 2024 Price In Pakistan Specs & Features, Specification. The Yamaha 150 2024 in Pakistan features all the information. Read it now! The Yamaha Company is the leading bike manufacturer in Pakistan. It produces a range of bikes, including scooters and motorcycles, which are widely sold across the country. The best engine capacity and road grip of Yamaha’s bikes allowed them to win international bike races, according to global comparisons. You will get detailed information about the Yamaha 150 New Model Price in Pakistan in 2024 here.

Yamaha is the name of trust, class, and quality. Despite the variety of globally launched Yamaha 150 2024 in Pakistan, local bike owners prefer to buy the more established and affordable models. With the passing of time, the company analyzed the need of its customers and stepped into a bike range with greater engine power and class. People love their Yamaha bikes these days. They’re great for both youth and adults alike, and they’re often in great condition A Yamaha 150 2024 in Pakistan bike is the perfect option for first-time riders, as it’s easy to handle and relatively inexpensive, while also delivering the power needed to take on a longer ride. There are different details, and let’s go over all the details here. First up is the Yamaha 150cc price in Pakistan.

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Yamaha 150 New Model Price In Pakistan

You can check the Yamaha 150 New Model 2024. After these popular bike models now Yamaha 150 New Model 2024 was launched in Pakistan Bike Market. If you want to buy a Yamaha bike Yamaha 150 then its Price is below from the table.

Yamaha 150  Price PKR, 189,000

If you want to look more stylish while riding, and if you want your bike to perform even better, then it is important that you have a stylish-looking alloy. The new model Yamaha 150 2024 stylish bike front headlight is giving a nice appearance to bike lovers. If you’re looking for a sports-look street bike with a 4-stroke engine. Yamaha made bikes with sporty looks because they wanted to ride bikes that looked good on the road. The Yamaha 150 is one of the best-selling motorcycles in Pakistan. This new model has some improvements, but it’s still a great motorcycle.


Yamaha 150cc Bike Overview

In addition to being one of the most recognizable brands in the world, Yamaha makes some of the most reliable and best-performing bikes out there. The company is continuing to receive praise for its range of bikes in Pakistan for the last several years. The Yamaha 100cc bike series first gained popularity for 100cc variants. This competitive environment has helped the company to launch high-power variants in the local market. As reported, the company is all set to launch a range of high-powered bikes in the coming year. Yamaha’s 150cc bike has just been released. So let’s get into it.

Yamaha 150cc

Yamaha Bike 150cc Specification

Turning Radius 2340 mm
Clearance on Ground 160 mm
Bike Total Width 770 mm
Wheel size 1334 mm
Yamaha Bike 150cc Engine oil Grade API SE, JASO Standard MA, Oil type SAE20W40 or SAE 20W50
Fuel Capacity 12.0 Liter
Reserve Fuel 1.4 Liter capacity
Bike Dry Weight 297 lb
Brakes Front Brakes 320 mm Floating Disc, Rear Brakes Drum Brake
Suspension Front Suspension Swingarm Coil Spring/ Oil Damper 4.72

Features of Yamaha New Model

Engine type 4 Stroke
Engine Features SOHC model with Air-cooled system
Bike Design Sporty looks
New model lights Installed new headlight with tail lights features
Technology Latest modern technology
  • 4-stroke, air-cooled, SOHC, 2-valves engine
  • Equipped with modern technology
  • Elegant design with a sporty look
  • The decent shape of the headlight and taillight
  • Front disk brake
  • Rear drum brake
  • Self-starter
  • Alloy Wheel
  • Supersport Speedometer
  • SuperSport LED Tail Light
  • SuperSport Split Seat
  • Mid Ship Sporty Muffler

Yamaha 150cc Pros & Cons

Pros ×Cons
Looks Lesser aggressive than before
Performance No rear disc brakes

Yamaha 150 2024 Competitors

In the Market The largest and toughest competitors of Yamaha 150cc are,

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FAQs About Yamaha 150 2024

  1. What is the price of Yamaha 150?

The price of Yamaha 150cc is PKR 189,000.

  1. Is Yamaha 150 a good motor?


  1. How fast is a 150cc Yamaha?

top speed of up to 60 mph on average