Hyundai i10 Price in Pakistan 2024, Images, Specs & Features

Hyundai i10 Price in Pakistan 2024, Images, Specs & Features

We provide information on the Hyundai i10 Price in Pakistan 2024, Images, Specs & Features. The Hyundai i10 is a compact and comfortable city car with a stylish design, upgraded technology, and practical features. It is efficient and easy to drive in various conditions. The price of the Hyundai i10 in Pakistan varies by model.

The Hyundai i10 is a city car with an innovative design and spacious interior. It offers advanced features and a well-built structure. The petrol engine provides decent performance, but automatic versions should be avoided.

The all-new Hyundai i10 offers comprehensive safety features, including the Hyundai Smart Sense system and Advanced Driver Support Systems. These technologies are designed to enhance safety and provide peace of mind. The dynamic and innovative design of the Hyundai i10 sets it apart from others in its class, thanks to its curved lines and contrasting elements.

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Hyundai i10 Price in Pakistan 2024

The Hyundai i10 comes in various trims, each offering different features and specifications. The price for the Hyundai i10 in Pakistan is expected to be around PKR 1,297,000 to PKR 1,500,000. Please note that these prices are approximate and may vary depending on factors such as location, taxes, and dealership.

Hyundai i10 2024 PKR 1,297,000 to PKR 1,500,000

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Hyundai I10 Exterior

The Hyundai I10 is a car that stands out from the crowd with its eye-catching exterior design. Its sleek and aerodynamic silhouette gives it a sporty and modern look. Let’s delve deeper into the exterior features of the Hyundai I10.

The Hyundai i10 features a stylish grille on its front fascia, enhancing its overall appearance with a touch of sophistication. The headlights of the Hyundai i10 are sleekly designed and well-integrated, ensuring excellent visibility while driving on the road. Depending on the variant, the I10 may come with LED daytime running lights and fog lights, further enhancing its appeal.

Moving towards the sides, you’ll notice the clean and fluid lines that flow seamlessly from the front to the rear. The door handles are body-colored, giving the I10 a cohesive and polished look. The side mirrors are electrically adjustable and may feature integrated turn signals for added safety and convenience.

The rear of the Hyundai I10 is equally captivating. The taillights are sleek and wrap around the sides, providing a cohesive and stylish design. Some variants may come with a rear spoiler, adding a sporty touch to the overall aesthetic. The rear bumper is well-designed, complementing the car’s overall look.

Overall, the Hyundai I10 is a visually appealing car that offers a modern and dynamic exterior design. It is sure to turn heads and make a statement on the roads.

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Features of the Hyundai i10 in Pakistan

  1. Stylish and modern design.
  2. Fuel-efficient 1.2-liter petrol engine.
  3. Spacious and ergonomic cabin.
  4. Ample legroom and headroom for all passengers.
  5. Sleek and aerodynamic profile.
  6. Bold front grille.
  7. Sharp and attractive lines.
  8. Vibrant color options.
  9. High-quality interior materials.
  10. Comfortable seating.
  11. Responsive and smooth ride.
  12. Excellent fuel efficiency.
  13. Dual airbags for enhanced safety.
  14. Anti-lock braking system (ABS).
  15. Electronic stability control (ESC).
  16. Rear parking sensors.
  17. Touchscreen infotainment system.
  18. Bluetooth connectivity.
  19. USB ports for device charging.
  20. Steering-mounted controls.
  21. Advanced safety features.
  22. Convenient storage compartments.
  23. Power windows and mirrors.
  24. Central locking system.
  25. Competitive pricing for affordability.

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Hyundai I10 Interior

Step inside the Hyundai I10, and you’ll discover a thoughtfully designed interior that offers comfort, functionality and a touch of elegance. Let’s explore the interior features of the Hyundai I10 in more detail.

The cabin of the Hyundai I10 is surprisingly spacious, considering its compact exterior dimensions. It can comfortably accommodate five passengers, making it an ideal choice for small families or individuals who value practicality. The seats are well-padded and provide ample support, ensuring a comfortable ride even during long journeys.

The dashboard layout is clean and modern, with all the essential controls within easy reach of the driver. The materials used in the interior are of high quality, giving the I10 a premium feel. Depending on the variant, the seats of the Hyundai i10 can be upholstered in either fabric or leather, enhancing the overall ambiance with a touch of luxury.

The I10 comes equipped with a range of convenience features that enhance the driving experience. Power windows and power steering come as standard, providing ease of use and effortless control. Keyless entry allows for quick and convenient access to the car, while automatic climate control ensures a comfortable cabin temperature regardless of the weather outside.

For entertainment and connectivity, the Hyundai I10 offers an advanced infotainment system. The system typically includes a touchscreen display that provides access to various functions such as Bluetooth connectivity, USB ports, and smartphone integration. This feature enables you to make hands-free calls, stream music, and navigate using your favorite apps, keeping you connected and entertained during your journey.

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Hyundai I10 Specifications In Pakistan


Dimensions Measurements
Length 3,665 mm
Width 1,660 mm
Height 1,500 mm
Wheelbase 2,400 mm
Ground Clearance 165 mm


Performance Details
Engine 1.2-liter petrol engine
Maximum Power Output 83 horsepower (62 kW)
Maximum Torque 114 Nm
Transmission 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic
Acceleration (0-100 km/h) Approximately 12 seconds
Top Speed Approximately 170 km/h
Fuel Efficiency Approximately 16-18 km/liter (combined city and highway driving)
Fuel Type Petrol
Drive Type Front-wheel drive (FWD

Weights and Capacities

Weights and Capacities Details
Kerb Weight 950-1,000 kg (varies by variant)
Gross Vehicle Weight 1,430-1,480 kg (varies by variant)
Seating Capacity 5 persons
Fuel Tank Capacity 35 liters
Luggage Capacity 252 liters (expandable up to 1,046 liters with rear seats folded)
Turning Circle Radius 4.7 meters

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Hyundai I10 Pros and Cons

  • 1. Compact size for easy maneuverability in urban areas.
  • 2. Stylish exterior design that turns heads.
  • 3. Fuel-efficient engine for cost-effective driving.
  • 4. Comfortable and well-designed interior.
  • 5. Competitive pricing compared to its segment.
  • 1. Limited cargo space due to its compact size.
  • 2. May lack some advanced tech features found in higher-end models.
  • 3. Engine performance may not be as powerful as larger vehicles.
  • 4. Rear seating space may be slightly cramped for taller passengers.
  • 5. Limited availability of certain trims or options in some regions.

Color options:

Here are some popular color choices for the Hyundai i10:

  1. Polar White
  2. Sleek Silver
  3. Phantom Black
  4. Star Dust
  5. Tomato Red
  6. Electric Blue

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FAQs About Th Hyundai I10

Q: What is the price of the Hyundai I10 in Pakistan?

A:  The price of the Hyundai I10 in Pakistan is around PKR 1,297,000 to PKR 1,500,000.

Q: Does the Hyundai I10 come with automatic transmission?

A:   Yes, the Hyundai I10 is available with both manual and automatic transmission options, depending on the variant.

Q: What is the fuel efficiency of the Hyundai I10?

A:  The fuel efficiency of the Hyundai I10 varies depending on the engine variant and driving conditions. However, it is known for its impressive fuel economy, making it a cost-effective choice for daily commuting.

Q: Are there any safety features in the Hyundai I10?

A:  Yes, the Hyundai I10 comes equipped with safety features such as dual airbags, Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD), rear parking sensors, and a rearview camera.

Q: How many passengers can the Hyundai I10 accommodate?

A:  The Hyundai I10 can comfortably accommodate up to five passengers, including the driver.

Q: What are some of the main competitors of the Hyundai I10 in Pakistan?

A:   The main competitors of the Hyundai I10 in Pakistan include other popular hatchbacks such as the Suzuki Swift, Toyota Vitz, and Honda Fit.

Q: Is the Hyundai I10 suitable for city driving?

A:  Yes, the Hyundai I10 is well-suited for city driving due to its compact size, maneuverability, and fuel efficiency.